With over two decades of professional experience in the stunt industry, Umar possesses an extensive library of action design in his repertoire. As a dedicated professional, he approaches his craft with the utmost perfection, constantly striving to improve and innovate in choreographing and executing action designs.

Drawing inspiration from various sources such as existing films, video games, and martial arts movements, Umar consistently seeks to raise the bar for his standards of action design. Now, with full creative control over his own project, he can finally unleash the action sequences he’s always envisioned but couldn’t execute due to external creative constraints.

For this project, Umar is leveraging his skillset to create action designs that are not only realistic and effective but also creatively captivating. He is focusing on techniques and moves that are authentic to the era and region, with an emphasis on wrestling and utilizing weapons of the time period. Moreover, Umar aims to make these sequences novel and engaging for the audience by combining realistic visualizations with fluid camera work and compelling storytelling techniques.

“FIGHT in the way of Allah AGAINST those who FIGHT you but do NOT Overstep the Limits. Surely, Allah does NOT like Those who Overstep the Limits”
– The Qur’an Chapter 2 Verse 190

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