Wolf’s journey with Umar is a touching story of deep compassion, trust and mutual teaching, fulfilling Umar’s childhood dream of having an animal friend. Born on August 17, 2017, in Los Angeles, Wolf represents Umar’s early years fascination with the Wolf looking breed, Siberian Huskies, this fascination sparked when Umar as a youth saw a Siberian Husky named Jako with the most mesmerizing blue eyes. This experience at an early age inspired Umar’s desire to have his own four-legged companion, upon laying his eyes on Wolf for the first time, he knew with an immediate instinct that Wolf was his destined guardian Ma shaa Allah

Wolf embodies the ideal qualities Umar sought in a companion: intelligence, curiosity, protectiveness, loyalty, and a loving nature, reflecting the qualities in oneself is the very core of what lies as the foundation for a friendship. Umar and Wolf’s companionship showcases the profound connection possible between humans and animals…

“The GOOD things are made LAWFUL for you, and such Hunting Creatures you TEACH are DOGS, Teaching them of what Allah has TAUGHT you. So EAT of WHATEVER they CATCH for you, and MENTION the Name of Allah over it”
– The Qur’an Chapter 5 Verse 4

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