Creating a project of this magnitude requires a strong team, and Umar understands the importance of recruiting skilled professionals who can bring his vision to life. Despite this project being independent and without studio backing, Umar aims to maintain Hollywood standards by assembling a team of high-caliber individuals. Leveraging his industry experience and networks, he crafts a strategic plan to pitch directly to showrunners rather than pursuing traditional film festivals.

Umar’s recruitment efforts are proving successful as he onboards seasoned professionals like Jon Philion as the Director of Photography (DP) and Martin Hall as the Visual Effects (VFX) Supervisor. Jon, known for his work with Steven Spielberg, is captivated by Umar’s ambitious vision and innovative ideas for capturing scenes. He is implementing new rigging systems to achieve Umar’s desired filming techniques, which are set to become the signature look of The Creed Series.

Martin, known for his work with Peter Jackson, is impressed by Umar’s passion and attention to detail in storytelling and shot concepts. Umar’s unwavering drive convinces Martin of the project’s potential for success and its ability to make a significant impact in the industry.

Handpicking dedicated individuals who share his enthusiasm and commitment, Umar continues to build a strong team. He prioritizes selecting team members based on their dedication and drive, believing that the dynamic within the team will be crucial to achieving greatness in the project. As recruitment efforts continue, Umar remains selective, focusing on assembling a team that aligns with his vision and values. Today, Umar has gathered a team of over 40 dedicated professionals to bring his vision to life.

“Invite ALL to the Way of Allah with WISDOM and BEAUTIFUL PREACHING and REASON with them in the BEST MANNER possible”
– The Qur’an Chapter 16 Verse 125

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