From a young age, Umar has been blessed with a profound understanding of art and its dissemination. Umar has always wanted to create an Islamic story with a Muslim hero as the role model for the younger generation. Initially, he believed that notibility was a prerequisite to pursue Islamic-focused projects aimed at sharing the teachings and principles of the Qur’an. However, over time, Umar came to realize that his vision is not bound by notibility but rather by a commitment to truth and authenticity.

After delving into research about Hasan bin Sabbah, Umar felt compelled to share the story of Hasan and the origins of the Creed, with its deep-rooted Islamic themes and values, to a global audience. Through this project, Umar aims to offer insight into the essence and legacy of the Creed, allowing the world to witness and appreciate its origins and teachings.

Due to the scarcity of information regarding Hasan’s appearance, Umar faced the challenge of piecing together details to create the character’s look. With Hasan being a Da’i, Umar constructed Hasan’s persona based on various appearances from multiple historical records during that era. Umar’s research involved studying visual representations of people in that region during that particular time, allowing Umar to make informed creative decisions about Hasan’s specific features: clothing, look, and weaponry. These ideas culminated in the conceptualization of Hasan’s character design to be translated on screen.

“The One who Brought the TRUTH and Those who EMBRACE it”
– The Qur’an Chapter 39 Verse 33

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