After researching online about Hasan bin Sabbah and finding multiple contradictory statements, Umar decided to embark on a journey to South Asia in search for a more authentic source. While visiting the capital of Pakistan, Umar decided to surprise his parents for his father’s birthday. As he traveled through Pakistan to delve deeper into the life and legacy of Hasan bin Sabbah, he decided to visit all the major libraries, accompanied by his friend Saifullah, Umar visited the National Library of Pakistan in Islamabad with a specific quest for authentic sources in Farsi, notably the Jāmiʿ al-Tawārīkh.

Upon inquiry, the librarian suggested reaching out directly to the Nizari, a group associated with Hasan bin Sabbah. Surprised by this information, Umar inquired about their existence and learned that some of them reside in Hunza Valley, the Northern parts of Pakistan. However, due to the Monsoon Season, the roads were impassable. Undeterred, Umar persisted in his quest and managed to trace his way to a prominent library in Lahore, housed in an old British dance hall, it has since been reconstructed into a public library.

In this historic library, they discovered the Jāmiʿ al-Tawārīkh, a significant historical work mentioning the legendary Sargozasht-e Seyyednā, which translates to the “Biography of our Master”. Intrigued, Umar sought further insights and was directed to the Nizari temple. Despite initial barriers due to being outsiders, Umar’s persistence and sincerity eventually earned them permission to access the library within the temple premises.

Their persistent efforts finally paid off when, to their utter surprise, they were presented with the Sargozasht-e Seyyednā, the very artifact that was long believed to have been destroyed during the Mongol raid. With permission, they photographed the pages for translation. Umar’s research trip proved to be a resounding success, culminating in the discovery of the artifact that would fuel the project’s narrative.

“TRAVEL throughout the EARTH and see how He created LIFE for the First Time, and then Allah will Recreate it for a Second Time”
– The Qur’an Chapter 29 Verse 20

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