Upon his return from Mecca, Umar was deeply inspired by the knowledge he had acquired over his lifetime. With a renewed sense of purpose and a clear mind, Umar made a conscious decision to develop a project that aligned with his core beliefs and values. It was during this introspective period that the idea of W3AR3 was born.

W3AR3 embodies three fundamental values that Umar resonate deeply with: Knowledge, Vision, and Truth. Knowledge represents the accumulation of wisdom and insights gained throughout one’s life journey. It serves as the foundation upon which individuals can build their understanding of the world and themselves. Vision, symbolized by the Eye of Certainty, signifies the ability to utilize acquired knowledge to envision the creative and useful aspect of it to share with others. Finally, Truth emphasizes the importance of using these visions to navigate life authentically, accepting the reality without contradictions and staying true to one’s principles and belief.

Through W3AR3, Umar aims to promote these core values and inspire others to embrace knowledge, cultivate visionary thinking, and uphold truth in their life.

“You will SEE it with the EYE OF CERTAINTY”
– The Qur’an Chapter 102 Verse 7

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